Physiotherapy/Exercise Therapy for Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is more than just the muscles that control your bladder! It is also involved in bowel control, birthing, sex and core stability.  When things go wrong, the symptoms show up in many different ways. Below is a summary of issues pelvic floor therapists can treat. Currently, we are not doing any internal techniques, seeing only those with mild issues and referring out to trusted colleagues anyone with more significant issues. Our front desk staff or your physiotherapist will be able to determine your best options. 

  • Stress incontinence (leak with sneezing / jumping etc)
  • Over active bladder (bladder frequency and urgency)
  • Difficulty peeing (bladder retention) 
  • Pregnancy/postpartum pain/weakness

You can find more information about the female pelvis in our in-depth article here: Pelvic Floor Article


We treat issues that can arise for people with penises including:

  • Post-pee dribble
  • Urgency / frequency of peeing
  • after prostate or other pelvic surgery

Your program with us may include exercises for your back and hip, relaxation techniques, instruction in pelvic floor exercises and even some yoga.