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Shoulder Pain: Getting Rid of it For Good!

Do you have shoulder pain when doing any of the following:

  • Reaching overhead?
  • Tucking in your shirt?
  • Reaching into the back seat?
  • Lifting your kids?
  • Reaching for your seatbelt?

Then this workshop is exactly what you need!

Our shoulders play a HUGE part in our ability to function on a daily basis. When pain interferes, it really does cramp your lifestyle! Not only does it impact the things you HAVE to do - it also impacts the things you LOVE to do.

And that is why we at Peak have decided to create this FREE Shoulder Pain Workshop!


Our goals are simple - we want to:

  • Teach you the basic shoulder girdle anatomy  - you’ll get to see how complex it is, and why it can be so tricky to treat
  • Go over some of the most common causes of shoulder pain
  • Educate you on what the best course of treatment is for YOUR pain
  • Show you what successful treatment and permanent relief looks like without side effects from medication use, injections, or surgery

That’s right! We want to help you take control of your pain! (insert “raise to roof” hand emoji)


How do you register?

Easy! You can either CALL our office or send us an EMAIL!

    Phone: (403) 328-7325



Space is LIMITED so please get in touch with us today! Get started on your journey to becoming PAIN FREE again!



Your Peak Physical Therapy Team

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