Take Control of Your Bladder!

Take Control of Your Bladder!

The Depends commercials are everywhere - adult diapers and leakage as we age, or after pregnancy, are normal things….right?


While these commercials have been great at creating awareness that incontinence is a widespread issue - it is NOT as “normal” as they make it seem.

And that is why we at Peak have decided to create this FREE Pelvic Health Workshop! 

Our goals are simple - we want to:

  • Teach you what your pelvic floor is
  • Explain what happens when it isn’t functioning properly
  • Go over some of the common causes of pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Show you what kinds of treatment options are out there and help direct you towards the one that is BEST for you

That’s right! We want to help you have a future without adult diapers! (insert “raise to roof” hand emoji)


How do you register?

Easy! You can either CALL our office or send us an EMAIL!

    Phone: (403) 328-7325



Space is LIMITED so please get in touch with us today! Get started on your journey to taking control of your body again!



Your Peak Physical Therapy Team