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We hope everyone has been enjoying the fall!  In this edition of our newsletter, we will be discussing the importance of healthy breathing.  As well, we have some new 3-D videos up on our website  See below for more details!

 Breathe…It’s Good For You!

Oxygen is necessary to fuel our systems and remove wastes from our bodies. Did you know that our bodies can only sustain themselves for 4 to 6 minutes without oxygen before the brain becomes permanently damaged?  Even more remarkable is the fact that lung volume (how much air the lungs can hold) is the best predictor of our future health and longevity. Simply put; the better you breathe, the better you live!

As you read this, you will breathe about 12 times in the next minute. That means you'll breathe, on average, 720 times in the next hour, 17,280 times in the next day and 6,307,200 in the next year – it all adds up!  What’s more amazing is that we constantly breathe without thinking about it… Breathing is the most effortless, yet vital act we do every day!

Your Peak physiotherapist has some great news for you; there are ways to maintain or even improve your lung health just by making a few simple changes to lifestyle and routine.

Here are your Peak Physical Therapy top six tips for improving lung function:

Maintain good posture. 

Slouching limits the ability of the rib cage to expand, which restricts the lungs from fully filling up. This can lead to an upper chest breathing pattern, which is less efficient. Our lungs are constantly affected by posture considering the amount of time many of us spend sitting down during activities such as driving, desk work, computer use, or watching TV.  Your Peak physiotherapist can help you train the proper postural muscles and get you on the right path to better breathing!

Stop Smoking and Avoid Second-Hand Smoke

The chemicals found in cigarette smoke literally destroy lung tissue, negatively affecting nearly every measurable aspect of lung function. However, this damage can be stopped and even reversed by quitting.  Need help?  Your Peak physiotherapist can help direct you to many resources to help you quit for good!

Reach and Maintain an Ideal Weight

Being overweight restricts the amount your rib cage can expand, which significantly reduces lung capacity. This can put you at risk of serious health problems. The good news?  Researchers have found that losing weight helps improve every measurement of lung function.  Peak Physical Therapy’s “Right Weigh” program can help you get on the right track!

Exercise Regularly

When you exercise on a regular basis, you are training your lungs to take in more oxygen. Activities such as swimming, cycling, and running have been shown to significantly improve both lung capacity and lung function.

Practice Taking Deep Breaths

Just like any other muscle, the muscles in your respiratory system get stronger the more you use them. Your Peak physiotherapist can teach you how to take big, healthy breaths using the correct muscles while relaxing the tense ones.

Take up Yoga or Singing

The deep breathing practiced during yoga promotes the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and has been shown to improve lung function. Singing has also been shown to help preserve lung function in people with lung disease, so belt out some songs in the shower or car!

For more tips on how to safely and effectively improve your lung function, talk to the trained, licensed physiotherapists at Peak Physical Therapy. One of our physiotherapists would be happy to assess your current lung function and create a program tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Call Peak Physical Therapy to make an appointment or to ask any questions you may have.


In the past month we have added over 6 new video animations on our website in the hand anatomy section.  Click here to view the new videos.

We have also added a number of new articles including the following resource guides:

In this newsletter, our featured article is about improving your lung function. 


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