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May Gives You Reason to Celebrate: National Physiotherapy Month  

 What an exciting month!  And we at Peak Physical Therapy are excited to celebrate with YOU!

Peak Physical Therapy is proud to support National Physiothearpy Month.  


Physiotherapy is not only for athletes or people with knee replacements.... and you do not need a doctor's referral!  Peak is hoping to spread the word of "Yes!  We treat that" and "Yes! We can help YOU!"


The Canadian Physiotherapy Association is looking for your success stories.  Check out: to find out more!


Peak Wants YOU! 

Want to help us celebrate? Have you had a great experience
with Peak?  

Email your story to and you may be selected to be one of "Peak's People".  

Your story could be put up on our "Wall of Fame", so that other patient's can gain inspiration from your experience!


To check out our latest patient articles and to find out more about what Peak can do for you, visit today!

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