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We hope that you are well and enjoying the Spring weather.

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With Spring in the air, many of us are returning to  activities such as running, gardening, hiking, or team sports.   With increased activity, often comes acute injuries such as sprains, strains, and fractures. 

What should you do if you or someone you know incurs an acute injury?  Should you use heat or ice? 

Click here to read our reference guide for acute injuries with descriptions of common terms that are related to injury management and recovery.

Our injury guide also includes the following new articles:


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You can now login to the Peak Physical Therapy website and tell us what sports, work, or condition related topics you are interested in receiving information about.  As we continue to expand our website with new content, we will send you a personal alert when we add new content that is related to your interest. 

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New! Work Resource Articles

Click the links below to read one of our new articles staying health and avoiding injury in the workplace.
- General Ergonomic Principles and Risk Factors
- Healthy Computer Habits
- Tips for Manual Handling and Lifting
- Tips for Comfortable Driving
- Tips for Hand Tool Selection

We have also just added over 35 news and research articles to our extensive conditions and injuries related content. 

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