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The Ski Season is Here!  Are YOU Ready?

The skis and boards are waxed and tuned.  Passes have been purchased and your gear is ready to go!  But are you?

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the physical demands of skiing and snowboarding can be intense!  Deep powder, fast turns, perfect groomers and blue bird skies can all make for an amazing day, but if your body isn't ready, your day could end in pain, or worse...with an injury.

Muscle imbalance, a weak core, old sprains or strains, and stiff joints can effect your ski season.  Have you ever noticed knee pain while sitting on the lift, or lots of aches and pains at the end of the day?  Come in for a physiotherapy assessment, or if you don't have an injury, Laura can develop a personalized training program just for you!

Check out these snow report links for some inspiration:

Castle Mountain -

Fernie -

Whitefish -

Together IS Amazing!

Over the past month, Peak's staff and clients participated in the Shaw Cable "Together Is Amazing" food drive.  The goal was to fill the Canadian Food Bank, but guess what?  Thanks to you, the Shaw Community, Campbells Canada and Safeway, we exceeded their expectations!  Across Canada, 2.6 million pounds of food was collected for those in need.  As well, Canadians added 250,000.00 in cash donations!

This is one example of the amazing things we can do when we all work together! 

Peak Physical Therapy provides physiotherapy services in Lethbridge and surrounding areas.

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