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Welcome to the April newsletter from Peak Physical Therapy.


Understanding Back Pain

A healthy lower back helps keep our bodies upright, allows us to bend, twist and move and supports most of our body weight.

Despite its importance, most of us only think about our backs when things aren't working so well. That’s when we’re in excruciating pain and even sleeping is difficult and uncomfortable.

Unfortunately many of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives.

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Volleyball is a vigorous, fast-paced sport requiring players to be in top physical form in terms of both athletic ability and hand-eye coordination.

Knowing how to avoid unnecessary injuries through the proper technique and conditioning is the best way to stay on the volleyball court where you can fully enjoy this highly competitive sport.

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Want to run a half marathon, join a volleyball team, or keep pace with your grandkids?  Our physiotherapists can help you set and achieve smart goals that keep you in the game and injury free.


Understanding Cumulative trauma disorder

Cumulative trauma disorder or CTD is a broad term for common diseases that affect the soft tissues in the body. CTD is not classified as an actual disease, but is used by doctors to provide an explanation for the onset of certain conditions.

For instance, conditions that may develop or become worse as a result of CTD include tennis elbow, low back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


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 Finding recipes that are delicious, but allow you to eat well, is difficult at times. This month’s newsletter offers you two healthy recipes for a great dinner idea and a nutritious dessert.


Grilled Lemon Yogurt Chicken

From: (95 reviews) 

The recipe consists of plain low-fat Greek yogurt, lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, garlic, chicken, paprika, and black pepper. Greek yogurt supplies the body with good bacteria that promote digestion, while ingredients such as lemon, olive oil, and garlic provide potent antioxidants and vitamins. Black pepper even helps the body absorb nutrients better. This exotic meal is both delicious and nutritious, try it today.

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Watermelon and Cantaloupe Kanten


This popular recipe has ingredients such as cantaloupe, seedless watermelon, apple cider or apple juice, kanten flakes, and honey. Watermelon is loaded with vitamins C, B6, and A as well as antioxidants. Cantaloupe also contains vitamin C and antioxidants. Honey is sometimes referred to as liquid gold due to its numerous health benefits, and apple cider is a rich source of iron and potassium. This sweet treat is easy to make, healthy, and tasty.

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