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Summer is here, enjoy the outdoors while becoming more active!

Being active is not only fun, it is key to healthy aging!  This month's Peak Physical Therapy newsletter topic is on healthy aging through staying active.  We hope you enjoy it and find it interesting!

Also, we have added over 40 new articles to our patient resource library, just click on the links below or visit to check them out! 

Staying Active is the Key to Healthy Aging

As you know, our bodies change as we age. Naturally, we lose muscle tone and tend to gain more weight. We experience bone density loss and become more fragile.  Cardiovascular health and stamina tend to diminish as well. In fact, studies have shown that without regular physical activity, you can lose 30-40% of your muscle mass by age 70.

The good news, though, is that this picture of aging doesn't have to appear so negative! There are ways to slow and even reverse the physical effects of aging so you can stay strong, fit and healthy, making your golden years truly golden!

In this month’s newsletter, we will be discussing various ailments associated with aging, and how the team at Peak Physical Therapy can help you!

Common Aging Ailments- Don't Be Discouraged!

Lower Back Pain 

Keeping the balance between strength and flexibility is a medicine-free way to decrease back pain, and maintain your back health as you age!  The team at Peak Physical Therapy can work with you to achieve “back balance”!

Strength training, just 2 times a week, can decrease back problems or alleviate lower back pain altogether!   Weight training, exercise with resistance bands and body weight exercises (like push-ups and squats) help lubricate the joints and strengthen muscles throughout the body.  This helps to keep your joints healthy, and your muscles strong and supportive! 

A weak core (the body’s foundation) can also lead to low back pain, and our core tends to weaken as we age, or with injury.  Strengthening all of the muscles of the core will help support your back, which helps to reduce stress and strain. Stretching and maintaining flexibility also helps to alleviate back pain.

Osteoporosis and Fractures

During your 40s and 50s, our bodies start to absorb more bone than it makes. Over time, this leads to a decrease in bone density and can lead to a condition known as osteoporosis. However, bone loss can be prevented!  With the correct exercise program created by your physiotherapist, you can make your bones stronger and reduce your risk of a fracture. Resistance exercises using light weights or exercise machines will increase bone density throughout your body, increase muscle mass and strength bone. Weight-bearing exercises like walking or climbing stairs are also great ways to strengthen your bones.

To find out more about osteoporosis, please visit: Physiotherapy in Lethbridge for Osteoporosis

Cardiovascular Changes

Increasing age is also linked to a decline in heart and lung function. This can cause fatigue and breathlessness even during normal daily activities. The best way to improve your cardiovascular function is with endurance exercise. Activities like walking and aquatherapy will help keep your heart muscle strong and your arteries flexible, boosting your heart's ability to deliver oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. Your physiotherapist will be able to recommend activities that will be safe, effective and fun for you!

Injuries and Falls

The saying “If you don’t use it, you lose it!” applies to our muscles.  The less you use your muscles, the weaker and more fragile your body will become. Unfortunately, we become less active as we age, and inactivity leading to muscle weakness is one of the biggest causes of injuries and falls in aging people. However, there are ways to prevent falls, and injuries due to weakness!

The physiotherapists at Peak Physical Therapy will create a personalized exercise plan to help improve balance and agility, increase your flexibility, and create stronger muscles. Also, we will discuss various risk-factors that are associated with falls and injuries, and how to prevent them from putting you at risk. 

Starting a program is simple!  30 minutes of walking almost every day will produce health benefits as you age, however adding strength, balance and flexibility training will help even more. Talking to a physiotherapist is one of the easiest ways to create a personalized program that is tailored to your body, your lifestyle and your health-related goals. With the guidance of a trained physiotherapist, you can learn what is best for you and your body, so you can keep yourself healthy for years to come!


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