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Welcome to the October newsletter from Peak Physical Therapy.


In our line of work, we are often reminded of the important things in life as we see patients recovering from limitations to return to the things they find joy in.

Thanksgiving and the change of seasons gives us an opportunity to reflect on the things we have to be thankful for.

We would like to wish you and your family a great Thanksgiving.


Understanding Labral Tears 

Joint pain may occur for a number of reasons, but if the discomfort is due to a tear in a specific type of cartilage called the labrum, physiotherapy may be the key to promoting recovery and preventing further injury of the joint. To learn more about a labral tear read this month’s featured article.

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Enjoy Tennis 

Tennis is an invigorating sport for both athletes and enthusiasts. It requires a minimal amount of equipment and when played correctly, can help tone the entire body. Proper conditioning is the key to enjoying this sport without experiencing any injuries or pain. 

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Physiotherapists can help you take small steps toward a big recovery. Persistent joint pain doesn’t have to limit your participation in your daily life. Working closely with a well-trained physiotherapist can help you achieve positive results quickly. Meet with a Peak Physical Therapy physiotherapist today to learn how physiotherapy can best benefit you.


Understanding Vertigo

Vertigo is a medical condition that causes severe dizziness, headaches, nausea and/or vomiting, and ringing in the ears, among other troublesome symptoms. Due to the intensity of the symptoms, vertigo may lead to anxiety, depression, and a reduced quality of life if left untreated. At Peak Physical Therapy, we treat mild vertigo but refer you out to local specialists for more sever cases. To learn more about vertigo as well as how it is diagnosed and treated read below.

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 Eating well is essential for optimal health and well-being. Here are two delicious, nutritious, and easy recipes.


California Burger Bowl


This delicious entrée has tasty ingredients such as lean ground beef, red onion, tomatoes, avocado, balsamic vinegar, and garlic. Not only is this meal filling, it is a powerhouse of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Try this low-carb burger bowl today.

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Strawberry Crumble


This fiber-rich recipe combines strawberries, lemon juice, almonds, brown sugar, and cinnamon. It also gets a healthy fat and protein boost from almonds and almond meal. Try this delicious, low sodium dessert today for a sweet treat that will provide you with extra energy.

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