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Peak Physical Therapy
Helping you every step of the way



Peak Physical Therapy

 Helping You Every Step of the Way

 Special Edition Newsletter No. 2

Happy May: It’s National Physiotherapy Month & Peak's 20th Anniversary!

 Here is the 2nd part of our Special Edition Newsletter.  In case you missed the first edition, check out the newsletter section at today!

 We will be continuing to celebrate our 20th Anniversary!  We continue to thank all of our past, present and future patients...we would not have reached this milestone without YOU! 

 We will be having celebratory snacks in clinic, special "thank-you" gifts for our patients, and more surprises!


20 Health Tips for 20 Years…Continued!

We’ve added the last 10 tips to this newsletter edition.  Miss the first 10?  Visit today to download this valuable information!

1. Keep your body in balance.  If you are a runner, be sure to train in other areas as well.  Love hockey?  Consider swimming as part of your exercise regime.  Working a variety of muscles will help your body stay fit and reduce risk of injury.

2. Replacing your chair with an exercise ball is a great way to improve your “core”.  To ensure you are training the correct muscles, see your physiotherapist today!  As well, take breaks from sitting on the ball to decrease muscle fatigue.

3. Drink more water. Not getting enough water can cause fatigue and trigger headaches.  Remember, by the time you feel thirsty your body is already dehydrated.

4. If you have just injured yourself, remember PRICE! P-protect the joint, R- rest, I-ice, C-compress and E- elevate to reduce swelling.  Then see your physiotherapist to assess the injury and get you on track with healing.

5. If you are sitting or standing for a long period of time, be sure to change your position.  This will help restore circulation, decrease pressure on nerves and help give your muscles a break!

6.  Don’t ignore low back pain or tightness.  Dull, achy low backs usually progress to significant issues, so see your physiotherapist if your back has been quietly asking for attention.

7. An injury which just occurred may require icing for up to 7 days.  This will help to control swelling and help with pain.  Ice for 5-15 minutes max, and make sure skin has returned to normal temperature before icing again.    Your physiotherapist will give you specific recommendations for icing an injury.

8. Heat is a great option for tight and sore muscles.  Heat the sore area for 20-30 minutes, but be careful to not burn the skin!   Have a layer of towels between you and the hot pack.  Just ask your physiotherapist to find out more.

9. Strengthen your immune system by eating lots of leafy green vegetables and citrus fruit.  Our immune system helps to ward off illnesses so eating right will keep it working optimally!

10. Don’t let the weather keep you from your daily walk or jog. You can move your exercise routine inside by using a treadmill. Or mix things up by starting a new class – aerobics, yoga, kick boxing or swimming are all great options!

 Peak Is On the Prowl! 

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Email your story to and you may be selected to be one of "Peak's People".  

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