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Welcome to the November newsletter from Peak Physical Therapy.

Although most of the articles refer to sports, substitute any activity (housework, gardening, work) and the principles of injury management and prevention are the same: warm up, cool down, improve technique, get strong, stay strong!

Call us if you want to stay in, or get back to, the game! Or play on the floor with your grand kids. Or shovel snow. Or walk the dog. Or... you get the idea :)


Managing Sports-Related Injuries

Individuals who regularly engage in sports are usually well aware of the risks that are associated with their activity.

Warm-up routines, stretching techniques, and careful sports practices help prevent injuries, but sometimes sports-related injuries are unavoidable.

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Tips for Football Players 

North American football is a high-impact, full-contact sport that can quickly take a toll on players' bodies. Whether football is being played on a professional, college, or high school level, or simply for recreational purposes, it is important to understand how proper conditioning, exercises, and safe techniques can prevent injuries.

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Don’t let mobility issues and constant discomfort beat you. Meet with a physiotherapist who can help you fight your chronic pain.


Understanding Guyon's canal syndrome

Guyon's canal syndrome occurs when the ulnar nerve that passes through a tunnel in the wrist, called Guyon’s canal, becomes trapped. This condition is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, but the nerve that is affected is different. Sometimes people may experience symptoms due to both conditions. A physiotherapist can demonstrate techniques that effectively target the symptoms of both.

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 Eating healthy and delicious meals doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Here are two nutritious recipes that are tasty and easy to prepare.


Whole30 Vegetarian Power Bowls


This nutritious bowl combines red onion, sweet potatoes, chili powder, extra-virgin olive oil, broccoli, kale, cumin, and garlic.

The blend of ingredients is a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that support optimal health. Try this recipe today!

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Nut Butter


This recipe allows you to pick your favourite type of nuts, from choices such as walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, and almonds, to make smooth, creamy nut butter. This treat can also be combined with sea salt, vanilla extract, or other healthy ingredients such as dark chocolate to please your sweet tooth.

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