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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to physical therapy in Lethbridge, you probably have some questions.  To help create a more comfortable and informed experience with Peak, we have come up with a list of commonly asked questions and answered them for you.

What do Physical Therapists do?

Physical Therapists have been dubbed the “movement specialists”. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the body and how it works, with specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose, and treat your symptoms. Our goal is to restore, maintain, and maximize your strength, function, and movement - and ultimately, help you to manage your symptoms independently.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to come for Physical Therapy?

You do not need a referral from a physician or anyone else to see a physiotherapist. However, some extended health insurance plans may require a physician's referral in order to reimburse you for physical therapy services.  Please give Peak Physical Therapy a call to clarify any questions about insurance, and we will be happy to help!

How do I book an appointment?

Our online booking system temporarily disabled so we can screen for Covid issues. Phone us at (403) 328-PEAK and our staff will do their best to book an appointment time that works with your schedule.

Telehealth is a great alternative to in-house sessions. The therapist can see how you are doing and functioning in your home environment. All we require is your email address, and all you need is your device of choice - smartphone, tablet, computer etc. We will work with you to create a strategy for managing your pain at home. A few minutes before your appointment time, you will receive an email with a prompt to "join now." Simply click on that link and the video platform will launch.

Call us at 403-328-7325 to book your appointment either in-house or through telehealth.   

Do you direct bill?

If you have been involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident or an injury at work (resulting in a WCB claim), we direct bill. If you have private insurance, we are able to direct bill the following:

  • Alberta Blue Cross,

  • Great West Life,

  • ASEBP,

  • Sun Life,

  • Standard Life,

  • Industrial Alliance,

  • Chambers of Commerce,

  • Johnson Inc.,

  • Maximum Benefit,

  • Green Shield,

  • Canada Life  

For more information please speak to Helena at the front desk.

How many treatments will it take to get better?

Unfortunately, there is no way to determine exactly how many appointments it will take. The length of recovery varies from person to person and injury to injury.  However, after the assessment your physiotherapist will give you a rough estimate as to how long it will take to get you back to doing the things you love.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances happen, however we do have a $50.00 No Show fee and a $30.00 Late Cancellation fee, so we encourage you to please call to cancel 24 hours before your appointment.

Should I heat or ice after the appointment?

Every injury is different. Your therapist will let you know whether heat or ice will benefit you more.

When do I book my next appointment?

When you phone in to book your assessment, you will be asked to book a follow up appointment as well a few days after the assessment. At the end of the assessment your therapist will let you know how many times a week you should attend therapy.

Do all of your therapists work the same hours?

No. Our therapists have different schedules, ranging from mornings to evenings. Please call to book your appointment if there is a certain time of day that works best for you, so we can ensure that you are assigned to a therapist working those hours.

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