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What Is It?

Acupuncture involves the strategic insertion of fine needles into points along the energy pathways in the body called “meridians”. It can be used for many things, including encouraging healing, reducing headaches, and most commonly - treating pain.

How Does It Work?

Traditional Chinese Medicine explains acupuncture as a technique to balance the body’s energy or life force - the Qi (CHEE). It states that injury or illness is simply a misalignment of the body’s energy, and that once balance has been restored, the symptoms resolve.

The Western Approach to acupuncture explains it as a technique to stimulate the nerves, muscles and connective tissue, as well as the body’s endorphin system. By stimulating these things, our body releases its own “pain killers” (endorphins) and throws up “pain roadblocks” (interrupting the pain signals from reaching the spinal cord and brain - Pain Gate Theory)

What Can I Expect?

Your therapist may ask you to put on a gown in order to access the appropriate points. The needles themselves are often quite comfortable, though there may be an aching sensation as the needle reaches the required depth.

The needles, once inserted will be left for a period of time, during which your get to relax.

Everyone responds differently to acupuncture - you may feel relaxed, energized, or more emotional afterwards.

At Peak Physical Therapy, we have two therapists who are trained in medical acupuncture- if it's something we treat as a physiotherapist, we can use acupuncture as part of your program.  If you are interested in trying it, book an appointment with Tim or Elizabeth! Make sure you have eaten before your appointment, as the therapists are unable to perform acupuncture if you have not eaten.

Acupuncture Lethbridge

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