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Exercise Therapy

Therapeutic Exercise is what makes Physical Therapy an ACTIVE process.

These exercises are specific, planned and systematic. They are meant for correcting specific muscle imbalances and/or joint mobility restrictions that are playing a role in your injury or condition. They focus on regaining flexibility, improving coordination, increasing strength and endurance, improving posture, and restoring joint stability and balance.

The goals of Therapeutic Exercise include:

  1. Improve and restore functional performance
  2. Optimize the effects of the hands-on techniques performed by the physical therapist
  3. Foster recovery from an injury or surgery
  4. Prevent complications and the recurrence of symptoms
  5. Improve overall health and well being

Our Exercise Therapists are some of the best! They will work with you to ensure you are doing your exercises correctly and safely. They will help you to progress your program as needed until you are back to functioning at your optimal level.

Exercise Therapy Lethbridge

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