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Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is the skilled passive movement of joints and soft tissues (muscles, tendons, fascia, etc…). Through these skilled movements, your therapist will determine why the joint isn’t moving properly and will work to restore normal “arthrokinematics” - the specific movements that must take place between joint surfaces to allow normal movement.

By mobilizing the joints and soft tissues, your therapist is able to:

  • Mobilize the muscles, ligaments, and capsule surrounding the joint
  • Break up adhesions
  • Align scar tissue
  • Help to reduce pain to allow for ease of movement

These result in an increased range of motion for the joint, which helps to restore function.

Manual therapy achieves best results when paired with Therapeutic Exercise. Without the exercises, the effects of the manual release can be limited and short lasting.

All of our therapists at Peak Physical Therapy have been trained in Manual Therapy. In addition, two of our therapists have taken advanced training in order to be able to manipulate the joints throughout the spine and extremities.

CAMPT website-

Manual Therapy Lethbridge

If you are interested in spinal manipulation, please download and read over the following information pamphlet and bring the appropriate consent form to you appointment. If you have any questions about anything you read, please ask your therapist!

Manipulative Therapy Information Pamphlet

Neck Consent Form

Back and Pelvis Consent Form


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