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Type of injury: I was involved in an auto vehicle accident. I sustained damage to my entire right side but specifically my neck, back, ankle, shoulder and elbow. Before treatment: a lot of pain, limited mobility, sleep issues, loss of my hobbies and day to day activities. Symptoms after treatment: most mobility has returned as well as most abiliites to perform well as a lot of hope and strategies to deal until all function returns. Overall Expereince: Just the best of care, comfort level, willingness to take time and feeling important overall as a person. Why would you recommend us? I would recommend because Peak truly puts the patient first. The care is top notch; the treatment is always backed by knowledge and understanding. T.C.

Overall Experience: Wonderful people! Surprisingly tolerant of my impatience with the slow recovery process. They helped me realize the only thing holding me back was pain .Attitude is Power! J.N.

Why would you recommend us? Changed my life, re-taught me how to walk, fixed my migraines: what's not to love? J.W.

[Peak Physical Therapy] has excelled in professionalism, knowledge, I love how friendly everyone and real everyone is! No unrealistic plans which relives the anxiety of working for recovery. You're my one stop for physio!

Thank you very much! Your staff is outstanding!


Years ago I had a poor experience with physiotherapy. However after accessing treatment at [Peak Physical Therapy] initially for my daughter, I realized the immense benefit of the expert care my family has received here. I have recommended your clinic several times. Also knowing help is available is a relief! Thank you!

-Diane Dyck

Type of Injury: Distal Biceps Rupture Symptoms and Function Before Treatment Total separation of tendon resulting in shortening of the muscle up towards the shoulder, strength compromised. Symptoms and Function After Treatment: Well on my way; my complete recovery span is 12 months. unfortunately I won't be able to attend Peak [Physical Therapy] as much as I would like! Overall Experience: GREAT! Why Would You Recommend Us? A holistic approach to treatment, very positive attitudes bringing an optimistic approach to therapy.

-W. Dyck, local resident

I suffered a compact fracture in my Tibia and broke my Fibula as well. It took me up to 6 months in order to regain the ability and strength to walk and lost a lot of Range of Motion in my knee, hip, and especially my ankle. This made it very tough to complete simple everyday tasks.

After attending Peak the team there has done an absolutely outstanding job in working with me to get to the point where I am now. They have been completely supportive and have done the best to push me in my recovery to get back to 100%. They helped me to start running not even a year after my injury and have opened up more possibilities for me that I thought I wouldn't be able to do at my point of recovery.

The staff at Peak are amazing and very friendly to make sure you get the best possible experience while you are there. They make it enjoyable to come in and work as hard as possible.

I would recommend Peak to anyone looking for help with any injury or rehabilitation need, I have had an amazing experience with my time there and success I've had.

-Steven Seto, Student

Type of Injury: Arthritis/MCL tear Symptoms and Function Before Treatment: Swollen knees, limited movement, pain Symptoms and Function After Treatment: Improved range of motion, reduced pain Overall Experience: EXCELLENT! Why Would You Recommend Us? Physio has really worked for me and has replaced injections. I may have to do physio for the rest of my life, but the results are worth it!

-Rod Barnett, Local Business Owner

I have been coming here since the early 90's for various reasons and have NEVER been disappointed. I recommend this place to everyone... even just for massage!

- Deb Harley

Has been my best experience with physical therapy yet. Would recommend to friends & family for sure.

- Anonymous

Knowledgeable, friendly & encouraging staff. Enjoyed all the work and knowledge I have gained through the help of my therapist!

- Anonymous

Had an overall great experience. There was nothing I couldn't understand when going through treatment. Very helpful and friendly!

- Taylor Millar

I've never had physiotherapy before and wasn't sure what to expect - I was nervous! But this experience has been great and I feel awesome!

- Caitlin Jackson

I rarely am so satisfied with a process as I am with the Peak experience. I talk of the Peak experience to everyone!

- Anonymous

Elizabeth is ridiculously talented, educated, professional and overall good person. Loved seeing her. I'll miss coming in to see these wonderful people. This is my second physio office, and from my experience and what I hear about others, this experience is wonderful and the culture is positive and welcoming.

- CS

I received a lot of knowledge and practical suggestions which will help me going forward towards my fitness goals...I appreciate the depth of assessment, knowledge of the therapists, and the prompt return to full activities and quick discharge.

-Don F.

Excellent friendly atmosphere...Came in defeated with my injury...Now I feel confident and I'm a believer of Physical Therapy.

-Hector S.

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